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Russ,  Congratulations on some excellent archival searching!

All the discussion I've seen on the list in the last couple of weeks reminds 
me of the "system" of naming plants when new discoveries in asia and the 
Americas was entering Europe.  It was a rather incesteous matter of naming 
after friends and "honoring" patrons.  In the case of the "delNorte" 
trillium it appears that Halda was trying to give a high complement to his 
friends. His publication of the name without any apparent archival or 
laboratory research to support it was a failure of the peer review system of 
scientific publication.  In view of the information and documentation that 
you have found, I think that the Kew Index should reduce the confidence 
level of this published name to zero.  It may exist as a horticultural 
form/variety/selection, but certainly not as a species or subspecies.

If anyone is interested in the origin of some botanical names I strongly 
suggest reading "Species of  Eternity"

John Gyer  Clarksboro  NJ  USA
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> I guess after all the Kew lIst stuff and Adolf's great input about the 
> digital Index Kewensis, etc., perhaps I should not be surprised, BUT I AM!
> Here is the "original" rivale, digitally, and there is some pretty amazing 
> leaf size variation, in my opinion.
> http://oregondigital.org/cdm4/document.php?CISOROOT=/herbarium&CISOPTR=4199&REC=3
> A bit amazed,
> Russ
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