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Just in case there is any historical interest what follows was sent to me, today, by Boyd Kline's son Curt. With Curt's note as a reference I found the same entry in the 1986 fall supplement as well only in '86 there was no limit. I have an incomplete collection of catalogs but at this point we suspect "Del Norte' was only offered for those two years.

> Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery, FALL SUPPLEMENT to the 1987 CATALOG
> #8535 T. rivale 'Del Norte' NEW  6 in. tall.  An exciting wild selection by Crocker and Kline (founders of Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery).  A robust strain displaying possible hybrid vigor.  Larger than T. rivale in leaf and flower.  Pure-pink blossoms on stout stems.  One per customer.
> $7.50  .
>  I went through all of Dad's catalogs from 1987 forward and never saw it mentioned again. (note from Curt)

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