[Trillium-l] Kew Plant List - Trillium hybrids

Mellard, David (ATSDR/DHAC/SRAB) dam7 at cdc.gov
Fri Jan 21 14:04:49 CET 2011

>If you mean the numbers of total NA hybrids is few in relation to the total NA Trilliums I think I agree.

Yes, this is what I meant in that a scientist has officially described (using whatever rules they follow, IPNI?) many more natural hybrids in Asia than North America.

>I am pleased hibbersonii has come up in this discussion as I am of the opinion it probably "deserves" species status and wonder what is required for that to occur.

It has to be officially described as a species by someone, usually a botanist or taxonomist.  There is no T. hibbersonii in the list of trillium names so an official description has not been done to date.


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