[Trillium-l] T. maculatum germination

Mellard, David (ATSDR/DHAC/SRAB) dam7 at cdc.gov
Fri Jan 7 14:07:50 CET 2011

>May I ask how you keep the pots from getting overgrown with mosses, algae and liverworts? 

This certainly happens in humid environment.  I don't do any chemical treatments for this.  I don't worry about the algae.  The liverworts I remove using forceps.  They are slow growing so they seldom cover the surface before I get to them.  I leave the moss alone until it becomes a thick mat and trillium seedlings easily emerge through the moss.  When the trillium are dormant, the moss can be lifted off the pot with your fingers, although this takes a layer of mix with it. I just look to see that no seed or germinated seedlings come off with it.  If they do, they are placed back on the top of the pot and covered with fresh mix.  


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