[Trillium-l] T. maculatum germination

Lis Allison garden at pine-ridge.ca
Thu Jan 6 21:04:31 CET 2011

On January 6, 2011, Mellard, David (ATSDR/DHAC/SRAB) wrote:
>.....   The 3 inch pots were kept constantly moist in
> a greenhouse that is warm in summer (up to 90 F) and cool in winter
> (low of 55 F).  The pots were very sporadically fertilized with 100
> ppm nitrogen but were mostly just watered with city water with a low
> TDS.  

May I ask how you keep the pots from getting overgrown with mosses, algae 
and liverworts? I have an awful time keeping them out of my fern 
seedlings' pots.

Lis, Carp Ontario Canada, zone 4

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