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Oops, slip of the finger Robert? Your chances went down by sending your
request to the list and not off-list to Sue as she has requested.
May she be merciful to you..........;-).

I am interested though in your attempts to germinate seed from other
sources, which didn't get any germination. Did you receive fresh or dried
seeds and which species did you get? To be honest, my attempts of
germinating seeds of the Seedex are not all succesfull yet. Many pots fro=m
recent years have had no sign of germination at all. Still
waiting....*sigh*. On the other hand from some commercial seed sources I
have succes with germination within two years (chloropetalum and
I am still experimenting with different mixes of compost. One year a cert=ain
mix is succesful, while in other years the mix doesn't do anything for a
quick germination. In both cases I used fresh seed from my own garden
plants. To many variables at stake I believe. Time of harvest, time of
sowing, wet autumn, dry and sunny autumn, mild winter, cold winter, early
spring, late spring, etc, I believe all affect and give an inconsistent
germination pattern if one sows in pots outside in my climate. I must try
cold frames one day.

Still not mastering the germination of my Trilliums properly..........

John Aipassa
Aalten, Netherlands
z7, sandy soil, maritime climate

*2010/10/5 Robert Brenchley <RSBrenchley at>
> *
> If I haven't left it too late:
> albidum       10     10    25* **

> viridescens       10   10     25
> *


> * Regards,* *
> Robert Brenchley* *
> Birmingham  UK
> *

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