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T recurvatum is immensely variable in all ways.  The collection at Cheekw=ood in Nashville has some especially interesting ones and I've seen lots =of differences in the wild.

I have some as you describe - think they came from Illinois.  They look t=o me more like Native American people raising their arms to the sun. (The=y are not praying, just airing out the old armpits.  OK, so I'm an incura=ble romantic.)

T sessile is also immensely variable but I've never seen any robust or ta=ll enough to be mistaken for T cuneatum.

Sue Hollis

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From: G=F6te Svanholm <gote at SVANHOLM.SE>
> I have only got one recurvatum and it seems to be a little odd. It is v=ery
> petiolate and the petioles go upwards in 30 degrees from vertical and a=re longer
> than the red "petals". The leaf blades are perfectly horizontal. This m=eans that
> the leaves sit well above the top of the "flower". It gives a funny pic=ture of a
> redheaded gnome with a green necktie (the sepal) holding something big =over the
> head. The distance from the bottom of the flower to the plane of the le=afblades
> is twice the height of the flower.
> There seems to be quit a variability.
> G=F6te Svanholm
> Mid-Sweden.


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