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Quoting wildlander <ken at WILDLANDERS.COM>:

> John,
> Did you talk with these folks? This may not be as bad as it sounds. The=y m=
> have just worded it badly.


> It is possible what these folks meant is that they collect SEED and not=th=
> plants themselves. I do not know them but someone should talk to them. =Not=
> also, such collections are illegal in most places of the US. Nearly all=of
> our wild areas are on US Forest Service or National Park lands and digg=ing
> of plants are rarely allowed and never in the parks. The USFS has a pol=icy
> and permits that allow the taking of some common species but otherwise
> prohibit the digging of plants.  I am not even allowed to take seeds ev=en
> when they are purchased ultimately by reclamation nurseries - the plant=s
> grown at the nurseries and used for reclamation back on the USFS lands =fro=
> which they came... which is very ironic.

Given that they're selling what appear to be *flowering plants* for  
$2.00 each (including lady slipper orchids), my money is on "wild  
dug."  There are plenty of nurserymen on this list that will tell you = 
that $2.00 a piece for flowering plants like that is not feasable on =2=0
seed-raised plants.  For a seed-raised Trillium (for instance), they'd = 
need at least four years of resources to get a flowering plant -- and = 
they're not going to recoup that by charging only $2.00 a plant.

Personally, I'd love to find somebody that was selling real nursery  
propagated and/or seed grown plants for that price.  I'm also hoping =2=0
that the Job Fairy will bring me a 6-figure income.

Susan Farmer
sfarmer at
University of Tennessee
Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology


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