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The concept of "double dormancy" does not usefully describe the =germination of trillium seed.  Dormancy develops in the EMBRYO as the =seed ages on the mother plant.  Once the EMBRYO dormancy is broken =growth starts and as I said in my last posting and in previous =publications it proceeds skotomorphogeneicly within the seed husk for =about 60 days until germination (radicle emergence) and another 60 or so =days while the seedling grows skotomorphogenically.  When the cotyledon =rises the next spring, the seedling- a fully independent plant - is =already about 6 or more months old.  

I think most of the "confusions" result from using the old model of =trillium germination that was developed in the 1930's by looking only =for above ground photomorphogenic growth and not following the below =ground skotomorphogenic phase.  

John Gyer  Clarksboro  NJ  USA


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