Epimedium 'Spritzer', E. acuminatum etc.

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I got an unnamed species that I am pretty sure I identified as E. =pauciflorum. (using Stearn's book) It is different in so far that it is =a ground cover species that quickly forms mats not over 4" high =(thick?). The flowers are pinkish medium size. It seems to be the =perfect Epimedium for covering space. It is not a good neighbour, =however, since it will quickly swamp other small plants.

E. brachyrrhizum is another low one but it stays in place and has fairly =large pink flowers of the "claw" type. Not a robust grower but =beautiful.

E. acuminatum - the variety introduced by Roy Lancaster is another =favourite of mine. Two-coloured "claw" flowers in high multiflowered =infloresences.

So, I would be interested in hearing about anyone's favorites or =suggestions about what to watch for. I tend to like ones with more vigor =and that are robust growers for the foliage impact. However, I have to =admit to being swayed by emerging foliage, fall colored and evergreen =foliage, dainty as well as large flowers and then there is the amazing =array of flower color and shape... Like I say whelmed...

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