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>Key in Davis Crossroads on TopoZone. The Pocket is East of the road
that leads directly south >from Davis Crossroads. David Mellard took the
New Zealanders there last Friday. They said >the sign is down so you
have to look closely. 

I forget the name of the road that goes directly south from Davis
Crossroads (McElmore? Or something like that).  You will drive a few
miles and pass a small country church on the left.  A few hundred yards
beyond the church, take the road to the left.  Part of the roadsign
remains so you should be able to make out some letters (it's Pocket
Road).  This road becomes a dirt lane after a while and eventually
deadends into an obvious parking lot.  Signs are everywhere asking you
to remain on the boardwalk and the one obvious path at the end of the
boardwalk.  The reason for keep people out of the woods is that a lot of
foottraffic will compact the soil, decreasing diversity in the area.
You are in for a wonderful experience so take a camera.



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