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>   The Pocket is a state protected site in a limestone cut on the wester=n
> side of Pigeon Mountain in extreme northwest Georgia- Walker County. So=me
> people consider it the best botanical site in the State of Georgia. It =is
> the only known location for trillium flexipes in Georgia, and in additi=on to
> the 2 other trillium species located there are lots of Virginia Bluebel=ls,
> celandine poppies and a lot of other interesting native plants of all s=hapes
> and sizes. If you tried to plan a garden of native plants with an unlim=ited
> budget, you couldn't match this place. Anybody on this list who is ever=near
> the area or in nearby Chattanooga, Tennessee should go down for a look.=It's
> really worth the trip.




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