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>I have tried several types of soap and have sprayed repeatedly with
>I have even soaked some of the plants in a Malathion solution. 

Sounds like these are SuperMites and are now resistant to Malathion.  As
a toxicologist, I don't like spraying insecticides indoors since I've
personally investigated several situations with misapplication of
insecticides leading to health problems.  These misapplications involved
people spraying a heavy application indoors using the dousing concept
and in one incident an over zealous applicator spraying inside the
ventilation system in a shopping center.  Everyone was looking at the
hazardous waste pile that was nearby but after hearing the symptoms and
doing some searching I came up with a short list of insecticides and
suggested that the environmental agency check the ventilation system.
Sure enough, they found the insecticide residue and realized that
someone had sprayed inside the duct work thinking that was sure to get

That said, a once or twice light spraying indoors probably won't harm
you or your family.  I have used Orthene and Isotox here in the US so am
not sure if they are sold in your country under the same name.  An
internet search will tell you the chemical name, which should allow you
to find a similar product in your country.  Mix according to directions
or better yet use 1/2 strength.  By light spraying I mean spray just the
infected plant(s) and avoid broadcast spraying of the growing area.
Increase air circulation in the house (add a fan and open a window or
several windows to allow increase air exchange with outdoor air.)  This
is an emergency step to allow you time to reach warmer weather when all
this should be done outside.



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