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Subject: Help-being attached by spider mites
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Dear Group:

I am hoping some can help me stem the destruction of a spider mite
outbreak in my seedling room. I have a small room in my basement with a
metal halide light where I grow hundreds of seedlings over the winter
Over the last 6 weeks I have been struggling with a spider mite
infestation which has weakened and killed numerous choice plants. I have
tried several types of soap and have sprayed repeatedly with Malathion.
I have even soaked some of the plants in a Malathion solution. I seem to
be losing the battle with several rare plants succumbing last night.
Anyone have any advice. unfortunately the room has no windows and the
temp. is constant at about 70F. I can't even think about taking the
plants outside as it is still winter here. They have played havoc with
the Arisaema seedlings but have ignored the Hellebore seedlings. Help!!

Kirk Zufelt


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