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Virginia bluebells (mertensia virginica) can be good at self seeding in t=he
woodland garden and can even take over. Anthony, please note the woodland
pic sent via sep. email, they tend to establish their own colonies. In my
woodlands, a good clump can be a solid 1=92 x 1=92 in several years, =+18=94 =
I plant mine along the roadside and inside the woodland, with erythronium
tuolumnese (pagoda); isopyrum biternatum (false rue anemone) a short grou=nd
cover with white flowers to offset the taller bluebells, asarum canadanes=e,
lady ferns, Aquilegia Canadense (Red columbine)  and wood poppies. I=92=m eve=
working on some lowland plantings with Cimicifuga racemosa (black cohosh)
tall white flower spikes. But be careful with trilliums. I use some of my
taller adult T. Flexipes with the bluebells. They also have a beautiful
fragrance that smells like=85 well Virginia bluebells! I can=92t desc=ribe it=
So with +several hundred, not overpowering, they will give a nice fragran=ce
throughout the garden. William Cullina=92s =93The New England Wildflo=wer
Society Guide To Growing and Propagating Wildflowers of the United States
and Canada=94 pays full tribute to this beautiful wildflower. Per Paul==92s
comment on Virginia bluebells, being an ephemeral, they are in their glor=y
for almost 3 weeks then slowly fade away, thus the need for a fill in

I=92ve got another Virginian woodlander that I=92ll comment on for my=next

Michael Broz
Vincennes, S.W. Indiana
Zone 6 (-20F / +100F)


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