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The following are some observations of the last few days and in some case=s
relate to threads that are too old or too hard for me to find to respond =to
directly so...

Trillium seed germination.  Many seed lots from last summer have cotyledo=ns
that have emerged BUT other lots right beside them and treated "identical=ly"
have not!  Seed received last year about this time from NZ has germinated
well.  Seed from two different western sessiles that are self (one probab=ly
albidum and the other probably chloropetalum) sterile (hand pollinated) s=eem
to be growing like they have hybrid vigor, which may be the case.

Trillium blooms.  I now have albidum/parviflorum and ovatum in the woods =and
nursery in bloom. Cuneatum and kurabayashii (both red and YELLOW!) and
chloropetalum and albidum in bloom in nursery beds.  Rivale and 'Del Nort=e'
in bloom under poly. Maculatum, recurvatum, luteum, sessile and many of t=he
erectum group up and budded but no bloom so far.

Trillium luteum.  The plants purchased 3 years back as luteum that bloome=d
mixed and mostly greenish at best have now nearly ALL become "maroon/red"
and must be cuneatum?

Lime.  Our soils are naturally acid but I add ample organic material at
planting.  I do not add lime.  At last count we had 26 Trillium species a=nd
they all seem to stick around and most thrive.

Storage.  The ovatum and grandiflorum seedlings that spent over a year in
the cooler (refrig) and were planted in flats FEB of 2003 did nothing but
sit "dormant" last year but the flats are full of emerging leaves this ye=ar!
Trillium are tough!  They were small seedlings, but they have withstood t=he

Helleborus thibetanus.  I have seedlings from the species and from some H.
niger to which I added thibetanus pollen.  One interesting thing is that =I
have seem literature that says the cotyledons do not emerge.  I have not
understood the meaning of that until this year when I see that the seedli=ngs
emerge with true leaves, there is no cotyledon in either the species or i=n
the crosses that took.  I have not found what it is that will make
thibetanus happy in the nursery or in pots, it continues to challenge me.

Hepatica.  I am still trying to assimilate all the information offered la=st
year (some of it seemingly contradictory). Acutiloba does well here most
anywhere I plant it.  Americana does great in some locations but dies fai=rly
rapidly as a rule. Nobilis and japonica and transylvanica seem happy.

Cardiocrinum germination.  Based on Anthony's referral I tried warm
stratification first and have had the fastest germination ever. Cut about=6
months off the norm of previous experiences.

I am sure this must be enough!


Russell Graham - Purveyor of Plants - grahams at - Zone 7 - Salem,


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