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Not the same I know: but a tame plant in a pot in a north facing cold fra=me
has been in flower now for over a week. It has even been in a car to an A=GS
group meeting to be gloated over.

Brian Whyer, zone 8'ish, Buckinghamshire, England


Hi Brian,
There are actually 3 clones of T.nivale that I know of in England which
have different flowering times when they are all given the same condition=s.
The first is in full flower now, the second is in leaf with a loose bud n=ow
and the third is just appearing through the pot gravel and should flower =in
4 weeks time. The latter two I have had for 8 years and the first for 3
years so I believe this timing will be in its genes.
Certainly it is very convenient when trying to hit those AGS shows.
Leeds  Yorkshire  England  Z 8
carl at


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