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<html><div style='background-color:'><P>Speaking of grit:&nbsp; does an=yone have any idea what the US substitute for what we refer to in the UK =as 'horticultural grit' is?&nbsp; I am a (Brit) gardener managing a priva=te 10 acre in CT and need to amend my clay in a variety of situations and=would love some guidance on this.&nbsp; I have a large area to manage so=I would prefer to find something that is relatively cheap, but is chemic=ally sterile so that I would not be affecting my pH.&nbsp; Any thoughts?<=/P>
<P>alastair gunn</P>
<P>New Canaan, CT.&nbsp; Zone 6<BR><BR></P><BR><BR><BR>
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<DIV align=center><FONT color=#9933cc><STRONG>Virginia Woolf</STRONG>=</FONT></DIV>&gt;From: John Little <JHLITTLE at CO.DEKALB.GA.US>&gt;Reply-To=: "Trillium Enthusiast Discussion List (and other Woodland plants)" <TRIL=LIUM-L at NIC.SURFNET.NL>&gt;To: TRILLIUM-L at NIC.SURFNET.NL &gt;Subject: Lime=stone Chips / Hydrated Lime &gt;Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 16:40:14 +0100 &gt;=&gt;I have read in the Archives and elsewhere about using limestone chip=s when &gt;planting trilliums. Don Jacobs apparantly thinks a one time tr=eatment is &gt;beneficial for most species to supply calcium, irrespectiv=e of the ph &gt;effect. Others say use it only for a certain few species.=Incidentally I &gt;have never used any on recurvatum which I've had for =ten + years and which &gt;have produced seedlings. Maculatum seems to do =well for me without it. &gt;Grandiflorum has not done well but maybe due =to the considerations Charles &gt;mentioned re: elevation/heat. Of course=I don't even attempt to grow &gt;undulatum which has the opposite proble=m plus needs cool summers. &gt; &gt;I have searched and been unable to fi=nd limestone chips in nursery centers &gt;around Altanta. Would it be a m=istake to substitute hydrated lime? I have &gt;just planted some purchase=d pusillum, simile and erectum. &gt; &gt;I plan to eventually get one of =the ph meters that can be inserted into the &gt;soil for quick readings s=o I am not blindly altering the ph. &gt; &gt;John Little Lithonia GA Z7 &=gt; &gt;======================================================================== &gt=; &gt;Search the Trillium-L archives - &gt; &gt; &gt;To change your Trillium-L subscription op=tions (includes joining or &gt;leaving the list and "no-mail" for vacatio=ns and holidays away &gt;from your computer)you may go to the Trillium-L =archives and select the &gt;link *Join or Leave this list*. (You can modi=fy there also.) &gt; &gt;For help with this list, send an e-mail to the l=istowners at: &gt; Trillium-L-request at &gt;========================================================================= </div><br clear=all><hr>Are =you going travelling? Help us to find the 100 best internet cafes in the =world.  <a href="">Click here for =more details </a> and you could win =A3250 and a digital camera!</html>
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