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form the email a minute ago you know that you did not
win, but I have Dirca here in Kansas. I have only
found it on one little hillside, but it dominates the
understory fairly well.


--- michael broz <mikeb47591 at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:


Hello Aaron, my original guess would have been Sweet
shrub or Paw-paw both in my woods, but give this a
try:  Dirca Paultris (leatherwood), I just started
growing this one as well. By the books common but I've
never seen it locally and I had alot of trouble
getting info/sources for it. Mine are not large enough
to flower/seed.

I'm encl this info/pics to help :

Please let me know if I'm the winner!


Michael Broz

Vincennes, S.W. Indiana

Zone 6 (-20F / +100F)

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