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What might "ALL" the variables be that influence germination of Trillium
seed? (My opinion is that germination means the emergence of the cotyledo=n.)

I ask for myself and others that are attempting to assure germination and
perhaps minimize the time involved from seed collection to a blooming pla=nt
with consistent germination being but the first step in the process.  I a=m
interested in "known" factors as well as "assumed" variables.

I have had rhizomes experience prolonged dormancy from being refrigerated
TOO long and wonder if refrigeration of seed has any positive or negative
(delaying) impact on seed germination.

I suspect seed flat soil temperatures can become too high if the flat is =not
carefully plunged or shaded but have no idea what temp might be excessive.

I understand that "unripe" (but NOT immature) seed may be preferred to ri=pe
seed to accelerate germination and that there is no benefit from aril
removal if planting immediately.

While I have heard of (and had some inconsistent similar results myself)
germination the first spring after planting I also have heard of seed
sitting for 5 or more years without germination, yet appearing to remain

I will greatly appreciate hearing about results from "experiments",
evaluations, tests, and observations.


Russell Graham - Purveyor of Plants - grahams at - Zone 7 - Salem,


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