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Hi Stephen and potential seed donors,

As an Australian Trillium-L lurker and general enthusiast for both
woodland plants and the wonderful Botanic Gardens at Mt Tomah, I just
wanted to say what a great thing it is that the Mt Tomah American
woodland has reached the understorey.  This will be a major contribution
to the conservation of these woodland plants, bearing in mind that
Australia is free of many of the pathogens that have affected N.
American woodlands in the past 100 years.   Climate change aside, there
are very good reasons to ensure that a representative genetic pool is
maintained "off-site" in the Southern Hemisphere.  I hope Trillium-L-ers
will support Stephen's efforts.  I have offered Stephen stock of many of
the Trillium species sent to me as seed by generous Trillium-L-ers over
the past four years.

As an aside, Stephen listed Actea rubra and A. pachypoda on his wish
list. I know from experience that these are prohibited imports to
Australia, having been assessed as possible weeds. I can't see anything
else on the list that would have problems (provided the seed is clean
and correctly labelled AND you don't include more than 100 grams of any
species in any package - otherwise a Phyto Certificate is required).

Good luck Stephen.

Paul Garrett
(A coolish and dry Zone 8)


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