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Hi Jim,

Per black walnut; I have not seen any problems with T. Sulcatum,
Grandiflorum, Sessile
Recurvatum or Erectum growing under my black walnuts for many years. In
general I=92ve
not had any problems with natives growing under black walnuts.

Per hostas; I have 2 areas with trilliums and hostas. I have not inter
planted  them, but
placed the hostas in their own groups next to the trillium plantings. So =my
focus was
more natives (trilliums / ferns) in one area and hostas along with ferns
(which were in the
same trillium planting) so the hostas put on their show in one area and t=he
trilliums put
on their show in another. In one 900 square foot bed, this has worked out
well for me,
and the entire bed is united as one with ferns, azaleas and large rocks. =I
know of one lady in Southern Indiana, Posey county, with her =93Shade Flo=wers
Nursery=94 who has the largest hostas
that I=92ve ever seen and she inter plants trilliums with hostas. She was=just
starting with
trilliums when I saw her garden several years ago. She had mostly hostas =and
plantings of trilliums in one large bed. It looked outstanding.

Other areas in my deep wooded area, where I focus more on trilliums, I pl=ant
only natives
(trilliums, ferns and many different native ground covers).

Michael Broz
Vincennes, S.W. Indiana
Zone 6 (-20F / +100F)

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