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> > I believe that E Gay Henderson mentioned on the list that she collect=s the
> > seeds early and sows them before they are completely mature. They hav=e
> also
> > not developed fully dormancy and she gets immediate germination.
> > --
> >
> John Gyer has been touting this idea for years. I believe that his theo=ry is
> that the immature seed has less starch in it and that the embryo is tri=ggere
> to start development sooner than it would if the seed had enough food i=n it
> to
> lie dormant for a year. At least that's my recollection of what he told=me.
> Maybe he'll add to, or correct, what I've said. I think he may also hav=e some
> statistical evidence that his theory works.

ITs not the starts, as the seed ripens it sets down "hardeners" (for lack=of a
better work -- I have no clue what the Technical Botanical Term is -- I'm
a Taxonomist not a Plant Physiologist!) in the seed coat.  If those are i=n
place, then the dormancy is required to "break into" the seed and allow i=t
to germinate.  Carol and Jerry Baskin have done *scads* of work on seed

Susan Farmer -- Knoxville, zone 6/7


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