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Dear All,

Lilium sargentiae opened this morning for the first time ever, and is
magnificent.  Got it from Chen Yi 13 January, 2000.  One reason it took s=o
long to flower is that it got zapped by late and not so late frosts in so=me
previous years.  It has bulbils in the leaf axils, very dark brown pollen=,
the flower (there is only one this year) is white with lots of green on t=he
inside, and white with lots of deep purple and a little green on the
outside.  Other Lilies are two more or less formosanum price, a "brownii"
different from but not dissimilar to regale, an oriental hybrid seedling
with 'Passion' as a parent-- it's later than 'Passion' but earlier than
other orientals, its pink goes closer to the base on the inside, and it
opens wider and flatter and reflexes more-- and 'Schellenbaum'.

Flowering in July is not what the books say or I expected of Iris =B1
tridentata.  But that's what it's doing.  First flower opened yesterday.
Three more to follow on three other plants.  I think the three teeth are =the
standards.  They're pointed and look like the top of a picket fence.  Bri=an
Mathew says "the violet standards are erect and oblanceolate, only 1-1.5 =cm
long."  Now, my mental picture of oblanceolate is less pointed than this,
and it's 1 cm if you start measuring from the bottom of the perianth tube.
It's 3 mm if you start from where it separates from the falls.  The flowe=r
stalk has leaves on it, and bows above the leaves.  It's not actually
branched this year, but is prepared for the possibility.  If it continues=to
flower in July in future years, we've got something different from other
plants in cultivation.  Got it from coastal SC in August, 2002, wrote
Patrick McMillan to ask if this is typical flowering time for that

Also flowering are Sclerolepis uniflora, Rhexia virginica, a nice
Thalictrum from China that's in the direction of being a Clematis, Clemat=is
crispa, Crocosmia, and lots and lots and lots and lots of Daylilies.  All
waiting for you to come see them.




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