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Hi Everyone,

I'll be giving a talk to the Georgia Native Plant Society next Tuesday,
mostly about sessile Trillium and mostly from my adventures with Carl of
Leeds, Kevin of Spinners, and Richard of the Mountain.  I'm sure this
will create envy so if you sell Trilliums please send me a private email
and I'll put a list together to hand out at the meeting.

Hi David,
If any of your audience are wearing ties  and obviously come from more
northerly climes then please explain in your talk that all your Southern
sessile trilliums grow beautifully in raised beds in a cold glasshouse.

With having this potyvirus disease of trilliums in my garden I had 3 of t=he
15 species in the glasshouse tested by electron microscopy and to my grea=t
surprise 2 of the 3 had potyvirus particles reported present. This is
surprising as none of these plants are showing any signs of the disease.
They are growing full size with no crinkly leaves or deformed stems and a=t
present are setting loads of seed.
Just why this potyvirus kills off the chloropetalum group, severely maims
the erectum group,and does not have any effect on the grandiflorum and
sessile groups even when infected is a complete mystery to me. Anyone hav=e
any ideas. I did wonder if the laboratory was seeing things so had a
specimen of T.chloropetalum sent down from Scotland but that was reported=as
free from infection.

Hope your talk goes well
Leeds  Yorkshire  England  Z 8
carl at


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