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From: John Little <jhlittle at CO.DEKALB.GA.US>
Subject: Re: removal of the elaiosome (aril) and ants/ insects.

I can add that I have personally witnessed ants carrying away the seeds
within seconds of having planted them - apparantly without sufficient soi=l
cover. This weekend I pulled one seed pod off that was full of ants with =a
number of seeds already missing.
So I believe it important to remove or otherwise make the seeds
unnattractive if one wishes the seeds to germinate in a specific location.
Since my previous attempts at removal have been tedious and time consumin=g
I am wondering if placing the seeds in a solution of water and Hydrogen
Peroxide for about 15 minutes would make the arils less tasty and solve t=he
problem. That would seem to be an efficient way to treat quantities of
seeds. I have used such a solution, but after soaking, removed most of th=e
aril anyway just in case.
When I tried to wash them off with water in a sieve the aril remained
stubbornly attached. Maybe the water was not warm or forceful enough. I
have also read here on the List that soaking them in water makes the
removal easy - but how long do they need to be submerged?

John Little  Z7 Lithonia, Ga.


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