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Is removal of the elaiosome (aril) desirable when sowing fresh seed?

Has anyone done side by side plantings to determine germination impacts o=f
leaving vs. removal?

I understand the need for removal for storage and shipping and indication=s
are that germination is not negatively impacted, but I am wondering if th=ere
is a benefit from removal of the elaiosome.

(I continue to "question" the consistent comments in the literature that =the
elaiosome is "designed" to attract ants "for dispersal".  I do not get ou=t
and about much but I have not seen ants on any of our Trillium.  Anyone h=ave
any perspective on how wide spread the ant dispersal research has been
documented?  Questioning minds and all that.)

Bottom line for my question(s) is that I am lazy and do no want to engage=in
unnecessary work.


Russell Graham - Purveyor of Plants - grahams at - Zone 7 - Salem,


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