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After doing a little more sleuthing, we discovered the source of the
X-Mailer: Microsoft Outlook Express 5.00.2314.1300
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This is a multi-part message in MIME format.

Joan, this tells us that you're using Outlook Express to send e-mail.
The version you have is older, and may default to MIME output (a form of
Unicode).  As was noted before, you need to reset the message output to
plain text or HTML.

Dave and Laura

The message that was sent (twice) is below.
Date:         Wed, 22 Oct 2003 23:20:44 +1300
Hi Joy
I'm not convinced that we should be adding lime to Trillium grandiflorum.
I have moved, as you know, and my previous garden had very acid soil. I =flowered three plants of Trillium grandiflorum flore pleno beautifully =every year in a very acid soil, rich in leaf mould.. The fourth plant =was in totally different soil with a high clay content - no idea about =its acidity, but it aborted  the buds every year. 

The late Ethel Doyle had a large plant of T grandiflorum fl.pl. and she =grew it in a raised bed where the growing medium was pure sawdust, =(acid), from sawmills that cut timber from Pinus radiata. You know how =well her plant flowered - it was stunning, year after year. 

All of which makes me question the wisdom of adding lime to T =grandiflorum. 

I grow the following trilliums in the same bed, where the soil is acid : =
T albidum, catesbaei, cernuum, chloropetalum, cuneatum, erectum, =flexipes, grandiflorum, luteum, ovatum, pusillum v ozarkanum, =recurvatum, rivale, rugellii, sessile, sulcatum, and vaseyi. They all =flower freely and seem healthy, and  I never add lime.

Joan Whillans New Zealand


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