Aborted T.grandiflorum flore plena flowers

Susan More susan.more at CLEAR.NET.NZ
Tue Oct 21 01:16:53 CEST 2003

I have to agree with Lesley, (I live a few kilometres north of her, same
city).  My T grandiflorum flore plena only had aborted flowers the year
after I replanted them and one year when they were in a pot, were too near
the surface and I felt got sunburnt during the summer.

I think they will settle down in a year or too.

Joy can see for herself on Saturday when she comes here for lunch.  They are
just coming into bloom here.  We are at 1000' (300m) so are a little behind
the rest of the city.  T luteum is in bud as are lots of others,
and T pusillum var ozarkianum is looking good.

Susan More (Dunedin, New Zealand where the weather is brilliant at present)


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