Trillium Flowers

Brian Whyer brian.whyer at WHICH.NET
Thu Oct 16 00:26:30 CEST 2003


Please tell us more about what species or hybrids you are using for this
enterprise, and how often you expect to get a stem from each growth
point etc. Each year, every other year? If some of this information is
commercially sensitive then say so, but I am sure I am not the only one
interested in this.

And finally I have to ask. In my youth Chinese gooseberries (Actinidia
chinensis) were a rare item in the then green grocers, now every super
market has Kiwi fruit. What are we going to call Trillium flowers in
10-20 years time?

Brian Whyer, zone 8'ish, Buckinghamshire, England

> During the last few years we have set up a trillium flower exporting
> business. Possibly the first one in the world. Flowers have been
placed on
> the Northern Hemisphere market for the last two years. We are still
> on the 'Post Harvest' treatment and believe we are close to getting it
>  From the 23rd to the 25th October there will be a flower show in
> at the Georgia International Conference Centre and flowers will be
> exhibited by Sunset Flowers New Zealand, our trilliums will feature in
> exhibit. The flowers have been packed and sent, it takes a bit of
faith to
> believe that they will be in exhibition condition in 10 days time.
> If there is a member of Trillium-L who knows a florist who may visit
> show we would be pleased to hear any comments positive or negative.
> Stewart Preston
> Mosgiel
> New Zealand  Temp -8C to 30C  Rainfall 650mm a year


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