Specific place for Trillium cuneatum

Daniela Goll goll at CLUB-INTERNET.FR
Tue Oct 14 11:46:35 CEST 2003

Hi all,

I hope somebody answers this newbie question!

I've just purchased some Trilliums from Potterton & Martin, and
completed a new woodland bed to plant them in (with other plants, of
course. My soil is neutral-to-acidic heavy clay, so I amended it with
lots of leafmould and sand, pulling it a little to the acidic side.
Now I read in the Case's book that T. cuneatum prefers lime. I wonder if
it's advisable to amend the spot I want to plant it in with tufa dust
and some old mortar? Would it be better if I isolated it from the rest
of the bed?


Daniela Goll
Gretz, near Paris, France


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