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On Fri, 28 Aug 1998 17:32:47 -0400, George Carlton Denton
<Trilliums at COMPUSERVE.COM> wrote:

>I have recently got some seed from Bill Dijk of T. chloropetalum from =
>Zealand and of course they were 6 months out of our season. Everyone has
>been talking about how long the cold phase needs to be but with these =
>I got much better germination with those that had no cold phase at all. ==
>cold phase actually stopped germination occuring. I was just wanting to
>mention this to those of you who normally store their seed in a fridge
>before sowing it or distributing it.

Hopefully Bill can clear up some confusion for me as there is a good
chance that we may have recieved seeds from Bill that were from
different batches but with the T.chloropelatum seeds he sent me I was
told in a note that "The T.chloropetalum seed I sent you have had the
normal cold / warm treatment.  This seed, if sown ASAP should develop
a radicle for you in your Spring."

Bill? Were all the T.chloropelatum seeds you sent out ones that had
been through a cold phase already? Would this be why the ones George
chilled did not germinate as well? Should I get mine out of the fridge
or will they be ok in there for a while? I was trying to hold them off
for a bit if I could, I wanted to wait till around October before
starting them.

Just checking,

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