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Loren Russell wrote:

> Does anyone else cringe at "irisette"?  This can't possibly be a real
> vernacular name, it isn't very evocative to a lay-person who would not
> recognize a floral similarity between sisyrinchiums and irises, and it
> gives anyone with a serious interest in rare plants two parallel
> terminologies to learn.
> Better to use latin binomials for the huge majority of rare plants that
> lack true common names.

LOL! :-)  Having for many years adored and admired the half-dozen or so
native sisyrinchiums in this area, with their perfectly miniature iris
flowers, I thought "Irisling" might be more appropriate.

"Irisette" sounds like it should be a liqueur made by infusing iris
blossoms or something.

Sorry, Loren, I couldn't resist!  Yes, you're right: some common names ar=e
just too, too much.

Dean Sliger
Ferndale, MI
(soon to be Warren, MI!)

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