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>DAVID SIMS wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The recent posts about logging are very disturbing.  I live in a small
>> town in the pacific northwest, and the timber industry is a major part
>> of our local economy.  Most of the forests in our county are on State
>> and Federal land, and they are successfully managed on a sustained yie=ld
>> basis.
>>   There have been instances of mismanagement on private and federal
>> ground, but I believe there are fewer such cases each year. Logging on
>> National and State forests is strictly controlled, and the forests are
>> managed for sustained yield cut.
>> What about "recovery is not in anyone's lifetime"?  Please
>> check out the statistics about  how many trees are cut versus how many
>> are planted, before you make a statement like this.


I live in a heavily logged province. Timber is a mainstay here, although
now, there doesn't seem to be enough to go around. _No_ part of this
province is pristine and has not been for decades.

North American forests are being logged at a rate that greatly exceeds th=e
destruction of the South American rain forests. Our own politicians (in
Canada and the US) are amongst the first to "deplore" this destruction of
habitat, biodiversity and natural resources, yet are strangely silent whe=n
issues are raised here. "Not in my back yard," indeed. None of that vote
depreciating green crap here.

In North America, money crops are planted. Logging today is a monoculture
practice that does the same thing for biodiversity and the well being of
the habitat that _we_ live in as a golf course. "Sustainable growth" has
been demonstrated to be an oxymoron in other areas of "natural resources
management." With the increased demand for only selected cash timber crop=s,
I must wonder what, "sustained yield cut" actually means and at what cost
to unprofitable native stands and species, as well as the biota that depe=nd
on them.

"Trillium Enthusiast Discussion List (and other Woodland plants)" The
operative word here is "woodland." Diverse woodlands and habitats. Withou=t
them, this List would not have much of a base for discussion. I truly
believe that anything that cuts great swatches through _any_ populations =on
this world just can't be right and good.

There must be better ways. And we had better find them.

Kind Regards


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