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Hi Darcy,

I'm not sure how it's set up in Canada but in the US, national forests an=d
government land management forests can be logged.  It hurts the heart to =see
such things, especially when you realize that they've left a buffer of tr=ees
to fool you.  On my favorite ride to northeast Georgia, I've stopped and
gone into the Chattahoochee National Forest only to walk a few meters and
see logging trails and a scarred land.  At least wilderness national fore=sts
in the US are off limits to the logging companies but our wilderness
national forests are few and far between.

This is something that I believe most people find disturbing.  Only wish =I
knew how to apply pressure to stop it.  It's very difficult to get a
government to change methods when people aren't actively confronting thos=e
responsible.  I assume the nature groups like the Sierra Club are involve=d
but don't know what they have done.  The Nature Conservancy is another
option where a tax exempt organization is actively buying relatively larg=e
land areas to preserve unique ecosystems.

Years ago I subscribed to Nature (?) and International Nature (?) (if I
remember the name correctly), which had a section on environmental activi=sm
by different groups.  Logging was frequently a topic along with law suits
but it doesn't seem to have been effective on large scale.  I remember
reading somewhere where the US was actually lossing money in logging the
temperature rainforests in the northwest and selling the lumber overseas.=I
just hope that was wrong.  What a waste.

I still remember the desolation I saw when travelling in southwest Georgi=a.
It's hard to imagine that trillliums and other woodland plants can surviv=e
such devastation.


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