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Lois, group, et all;

Bill Steele recently informed me that a visitor from Ontario had told
him Algonquin Provincial Park had been logged with a few forested strips
left along the highway to give a visual illusion of park.

Can anyone in Ontario comment on this? If so, what happened?? Parks are
for the people of the province/world, not for a few logging firms or
government lackies who realize kickbacks for allowing the same. It seems
reprehensible to me as more than trees disappear and recovery is not in
anyone's lifetime.

Hope this is a not a story grounded in truth. If so, where were the
people when the legislation was inacted to allow this??

Sorry, a bit off topic, but it true, I am certain a whole bunch of
Trillium and woodland plants disappeared in this 10's
of thousands.


Victoria BC

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