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eva gallagher wrote:
> Hi Majella - if you put your ripe red grandiflrum fruit and place it be=side
> a ripe red erectum fruit - what would be the morphological differences?
> Eva  Gallagher (still sceptical!)
> P.S. Hope you had a good collecting trip in the Gaspe.

I generally do not pay attention on the fruit form for 2 reasons:
1- I collect many seeds from labelled plants in our propagators beds
2- in the wild, I use the time priod of collection, plus the shape of
the leaves
to differentiate

However, looking at the pods, both species can measure up to 25 mm in
>From one fruit to the other the shape or size varies, so this is
difficult to ascertain which is which.
Nevertheless, if you try to identify these 2 species by only the fruit,
then you can say that the fruit of T. grandiflorum is globose (merely
round) and the fruit of T. erectum is largely ovoid (egg-shaped), as
mentionned in La Flore Laurentienne. Chambers  also 'mentionned' the
same differences.

You can still be sceptical specially when you read Marie Victorin
comments on morphological variations 'as natural' for these 2 species in

Gaspesie, finally climbed le mont Albert, the last time I guess =BF, but
it was worth the 4 hours ascencion   just to see a part of Lapponie or
Groenland (10 by 20 kilometers falt surface), beaucoup beaucoup
d'Empetrum, Rhododendron lapponicum, Armeria groenlandica, Silene


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