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In reply to Spehanie Solt, I have been growing Trilliums for 30 years and
propagating from seed for 15 years.  I have 4000 trilliums in pots.  Not =a
commercial operation but a good hobby.  I collect seed of T.chloropetalum=,
ovatum and grandiflorum and sow it within a week.  I just mush up the pod=s
and try to spread the seeds evenly over a seed tray and cover with grit.
Place the seed tray in a shade house and in 20 months they come up like
hair on a dog's back.  I prick them out when 3 months old into 90 x 90 po=ts
for 2 - 3 years and then repot into 100 x 100 pots.  They flower in anoth=er
2 or 3 years.  The pots are placed on a sand bed in a shadehouse and the
roots go into the sand - no problems.
I do the same with T.erecta red, yellow and white, T.vaseyii and a few
others and I get nil to 1% germination - a failure - I've ruined a LOT of
good seed.
After Case's book came out I have been placing the latter mentioned seed =in
the frig for 90 days - looks like I should have had it in for 240 days.
Our climate has frosts for 4 months, maybe 2 light snowfalls and 700 mm o=f
rain a year.

Stewart Preston
South Island of New Zealand
Bethp at

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