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I have not fallen off the edge, just merely teetering a bit.

I go on a short vacation the next few days and hope to start sending out
promised seed and rhizomes the last two weeks in August.  I've been
waiting for the T. catesbaei to shed their seeds and go dormant.
They've done the 1st and are close to going dormant.

Having been travelling last week, it's been fun catching up on the red
berry flurry.  It's intriguing to see the give and take of scientific
logic and boyish/girlish excitement, often within the same person <gr>.

It reminds me of my microbiology days when my professors taught me to
write scientifically and required me to write in the passive voice, as
if removing all personal pronouns would make me think more logically.  I
now realize that fallacy and enjoy scientific writing in the first


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