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Kristl Walek wrote:
> As this thread seems to be on hold, at least for the time being, I
> would like to add my own observations of the 50+ pods that Jan sent,
> and which I cleaned at the time time as my own Trillium erectums.
> My opinion is that all pods from Jan were T. erectum and I could not
> discern any appreciable difference between these pods and my own T.
> erectum or for that matter in the shape, size or number of the seeds.
> Kristl
> Gardens North Seeds
> N. Gower, Ontario
> Z4

Consensus seems that these are T. erectum; or at least at this point. My
own T. erectum were immature and were still relatively so upon
comparison, so that their scalloped wings were more evident (not as
globular and plumped out as other mature erectum discribed here) when
compared to the remnant thin wings on the pods in question. It will be
interesting to see, come spring, if group consensus is accurate, or if
nature has surprised us. Unlike the rest, I'll break ranks on a merely
poetic hunch, and say Quebec is distinctly enough like another planet,
for the grandiflorum there to have red berries.


Victoria, B.C....somewhere west of Zanzibar

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