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>To make it easier to identify the plants more precisely, since it seems
>that it has
>been established as grandiflora/erectum, may I suggest the following..

and, without seeming to sound difficult, would like to re-iterate
that nothing has yet "been established" - all is in process of collecting=data -

>Majella had such good results with root cutting in his field that maybe
>Lois or someone could send some damped cloth wrapped root segments along
>with a pressed leaf say stapled between cardboard sheets, and sent along
>in a bubble
>wrap package to those who might want to try for a closer examination now
>in spring?

I certainly appreciate Darcy's posting.  Actually perhaps there =is
an easier solution for you, Stuart. Yesterday Majella sent us
(electronically ) his new price list.  He is selling Trillium grandifloru=m
and Trillium erectum roots for $0.99 each.  As he has reported that all h=is
grandiflorum are red-berried, this would speed up your analysis somewhat.

Lois Addison

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