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Kate or Darcy wrote:
> Stuart Hechinger wrote:
> >
> > To make it easier to identify the plants more precisely, since it see=ms
> > that it has
> > been established as grandiflora/erectum, may I suggest the following..
> >
> > Majella had such good results with root cutting in his field that may=be
> > Lois or someone could send some damped cloth wrapped root segments al=ong
> > with a pressed leaf say stapled between cardboard sheets, and sent al=ong
> > in a bubble
> > wrap package to those who might want to try for a closer examination =now
> > and
> > in spring?
> >
> > Stuart Hechinger
> Hi Stuart;
> I am puzzled and don't know why you're asking Lois to do this. It was
> not she who had the good results with root cuttings, nor has she any of
> the plants in question on hand. Perhaps you could direct the request to
> Majella who did have success with this experiment, and who also has
> posted on his identification of his grandiflorum red berry population.
> It is more likely that Majella would be of help and or assistance in
> this regard. Majella???
> Darcy Gunnlaugson
> Victoria


I am leaving for plant prospection today in the Gasp=E9 mountains, Mt
Albert and Chic Chocs.

When I come back, I will consider lifting some roots on my new land


Majella Larochelle

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