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I would like a copy. MS Word seems to have trouble reading some
attachments, so would prefer it in the e-mail message.

Thanks, bill

--- On Tue, 4 Aug 1998 21:38:09 EST5EDT  BARBARA DURHAM
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>I've just completed a search of the literature on Trilliums
and have
>compiled a bibliography.
>I'll be happy to send a copy as a file attachment to anyone
>wants a copy.  The bibliography is mostly research articles
>in english) but also includes dissertations, a few general
>articles, and of course the Jacobs' and Cases' books.
>As a warning to any english instructors and those with similar
>tendencies, the citations follow no know bibliographic format.
It is
>basically cut and paste, though the citations are in
>order by author.
>The bibliography is a 17 page WordPerfect 6.1 document, but if
>WordPerfect 6.1 is as easy to use as 5.1, then I shouldn't have any
>problem converting it to a text document if anyone prefers it that
>way.  Also, if this new version of e-mail is as simple as the old
>version, I can probably import the whole document into an e-mail
>message, and you won't have to deal with file attachments.
>Please respond to me directly if you're interested in a copy of this
>bibliography, and specify which format you prefer.
>bdurham at

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