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I am trying to keep the red berry in the subject so it will be ea=sy
to use the archives... actually we all should keep in mind keeping very
clear "subject" so that if we later want to pull stuff from archives it i=s
fairly easy.

History summary:
visited friends who had just gathered maybe 65 se=ed
pods from Trillium in their woods.  Using Victorin and Audubon Wildflower
guide (both of which say fruit is red...) they believed they were collect=ing
T. grandiflorum pods.  They asked me about the colour of seed pod of
grandiflorum and I said pale green.
We had a discussion and they brought out Victorin
and Audubon.  We went trasping off to woods.  There were many trillium th=at
had dropped their pods and there were trillium with light red seed pods.
They were far lighter than the erectum I am used to.  They darken with ag=e -
so by the time you all get the pods they are quite dark.

I asked about undulatum and they said no.  While
there are patches of erectum in the area, they indicated that while there
may have been some erectum in the patch where we went, they certainly do =not
remember seeing over 100 in that area.

At this point WE HAVE NO INFORMATION  about the
flower on the red berried stalks.  We have marked plants, numbered them,
taken slide pictures (200 Kodachrome-1st time I have used this film);
collected and numbered the berries.

So now we await spring and the flowering of the trillium!!

What is now fascinating is that even if these plants turn out to =be
red erectum, we have uncovered an enormous literature that claims that th=e
fruit of grandiflorum is red going to black!!!

Today was a holiday in Ontario ( we have a holiday in every month=)
so I could not mail the package to Fred and Don.  Will do so tomorrow.  O=f
course by now the berry has darkened consdierably.

I find it fascinating that Carl got his berry before John.  I am =not
surprised that Darcy got his first.  The cost of regular mail to BC was o=nly
25 cents less than express post.  It did surprise me that he got it the n=ext
day.  But it blows my mind that Carl got his so soon. Though it shouldn't.
Nina Lambert has sent me stuff and it routinely takes about 10 days.  I
think I could walk to Ithaca and back in 10 days.  Hannelotte sent me see=ds
from Sweden and it takes 5 days.  Of course, I must confess that when I g=rew
up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey was seen as a fabulous beach
and otherwise a planet onto itself....just the same way that New Yorkers
look down on the rest of the US.   For all the press, NAFTA brings us no
closer together.  It will be interesting to see when Jim gets his berry.


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