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Hi Group;

This topic just doesn't go away..... does it!!

Today I talked very briefly with Fred Case (who is doing reasonably
well, all things considered) and broached the topic of this grandiflorum
red berry thing, and it's insuing debate. Without hesitation he said he
was skeptical, or perhaps he said doubtful.......however, in brevity he
offered a forma of T. undulatum as the likely culprit, but he has not
been priveledge to this list and all of it's information concerning
these berries. I was unfamilar with the forma of undulatum he referred
to, so unfamilar in fact, that I have forgotten what he called it, and I
must find his book and look it up. Given my own undulatum berries, I am
doubtful of this, unless this forma is remarkably different from my
typical type.

Because he was in a hurry, Fred and I have agreed to discuss this at
length later. However, his curiosity was piqued, and I suggested that
Lois was interested in sending him information on the same, to which he
showed no disinterest.  He did mention that he was not displeased with
his lack of internet access, as he said it seems his phone is always
ringing with people as far away as New Zealand and Tasmania (Oz) wanting
his opinion on plants which he has to first picture in his mind before
committing to a suggestion. I think I can understand his reluctance to
do so given the confusion we have concerning something as simple as
grandiflorum...a species who's characteristics I thought were etched in
stone. But then, remember the now historic story of Mimulus, the monkey
flower complex, which were noted for their sweet fragrance and monkey
like faces, and then, on a single day, on a planetary basis, they no
longer had any fragrance amoung any of their brethern, and have not had
any since.

Darcy Gunnlaugson

Victoria B.C.

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