[Ipe-discuss] N marks uniformly sampled on a circle ?

Pierre Alliez pierre.alliez at inria.fr
Tue Mar 15 12:21:41 CET 2022

dear colleagues,

I was unable to find an easy way to automatically sample marks on a 
circle, uniformly. I found the ipelet regular N-gon in the goodies, but 
then need to add the marks manually. my goal is then to compute the 
Delaunay triangulation of all points sampled on concentric circles 
(image below).

separate issue: the Delaunay ipelet crashes on windows if I do not add 
as marks the 4 corners of the bounding box below.

any advice would be appreciated,


Pierre Alliez
Head of science, team leader
Inria Centre at Université Côte d'Azur
Editor in Chief, Computer Graphics Forum
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