[Ipe-discuss] Minted environment for code highlighting in IPE

Lluís Alemany-Puig lluis.alemany.puig at upc.edu
Fri Apr 30 12:54:01 CEST 2021

Ok, fantastic. That worked. Thanks for your help.


P.S.: For those of you interested in this (and who don't know how to it 
already) I followed these steps:

1. I created in /home/user/.ipe/ a directory named shellescape and added 
to it a file named pdflatex with the contents

     pdflatex -shell-escape $@

and gave it execute permissions.

2. Following the manual, I added, in the /home/user/.ipe directory, a 
file named ipe.conf with the contents


3. I put in the preamble of the document the packages needed


and the code

     var = 3 # this is a comment

in a paragraph object.

On 29/4/21 20:34, Otfried Cheong via Ipe-discuss wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 29, 2021, at 20:24, Lluís Alemany-Puig via Ipe-discuss wrote:
>> In order to compile this we have to pass the -shell-escape flag to
>> pdflatex, like so:
>>        pdflatex -shell-espace main.tex
>> Does anyone know how I can do this in IPE? I mean, how do I pass the
>> -shell-escape flag to pdflatex?
> The easiest way to achieve this right now is to make a shell script named 'pdflatex' that calls the real pdflatex with the flag, and set IPELATEXPATH to the directory containing the shell script (https://ipe.otfried.org/manual/manual_53.html).
> Cheers,
>    Otfried
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