[Ipe-discuss] Minted environment for code highlighting in IPE

Lluís Alemany-Puig lluis.alemany.puig at upc.edu
Thu Apr 29 20:24:48 CEST 2021

Hello all,

I am preparing a talk for which I need to put code in my slides. I 
thought I would try IPE but I ran into problems soon after I started 
making the presentation. I'm using the minted environment in order to 
put code in the slides, mostly so that I can copy and paste the latex 
code that I already have somewhere in the document on which I'm basing 
the presentation, and I would like to stick to it. A minimal working 
example of what I'm using is this:

var = 3 # this is a comment

In order to compile this we have to pass the -shell-escape flag to 
pdflatex, like so:

      pdflatex -shell-espace main.tex

Does anyone know how I can do this in IPE? I mean, how do I pass the 
-shell-escape flag to pdflatex?

Thanks a lot!

Lluís Alemany.

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