[Ipe-discuss] ipe 7.2.13 doesn't read custom latex preamble?

Zhengdao Wang zhengdao at iastate.edu
Tue Nov 26 00:53:55 CET 2019

You missed the link that Otfried sent:

  This is a bug in 7.2.13: https://github.com/otfried/ipe-issues/issues/266

When recompiling, you need to edit the source as indicated inside the 
above link to solve the problem.


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>Hi again,
>I compiled 7.2.13 from source as instructed in install.txt. This solved the "macros.tex not found" problem.
>But the problem shown in the attached screenshot still persists. Text shows up as boxes in the IPE interface, but the created PDF file looks fine.
>Do I need to update / downgrade some other library?

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