[Ipe-discuss] [***SPAM***] How to draw a circle with one half dashed edge and another half solid edge?

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Sat May 18 02:27:26 CEST 2019

I've been struggling with this basic task.

I simply want to draw a circle, but make the top half
perimeter dashed, and the bottom half perimeter remain
solid as default, and then fill it inside with some color.

This is what I tried: Draw the top half using menu
option "Circular arc" OK. Now make a copy of it Ok.
Now flip the copy upside down using
"Iplets->Goodies->Mirror vertically" OK. Now change the
top half to dashed OK.  Now using the mouse move the top
half to touch the top half arc. OK.

Now comes the problem. I want to join these two. But when
I select the top and bottom arcs then ->right click->Join path,
the top arc edge suddenly change from dashed back to solid !

I need to join the path, because I want to fill the circle with
a color and if the path is not joined, then can't do fill with

This problem actually happen in other shapes. If I want to make
triangle or square with one or two edges dashed, and also want to
fill it inside. can't do it.

Since once I join path, all edges turn to dashed instead.  I guess
one can't join path with lines that have different styles?

Any suggestion what else to try?

IPE 7.2.7 on windows 10


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